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George Trefilov proved that did not sell 25% "Bill Rush" head office Rewe in Russia

Co-owner of holding "Marta" Georgy Trefilov proved that did not sell 25% of LLC "Bill Rush" Head of the German Rewe Group in Russia Peter Ditenbergeru, said the material published on Tuesday in the newspaper Vedomosti.

"The Commercial Court of Vienna made changes to the registry of legal entities in respect of participants Marta Holding GmbH (owns 25% of LLC" Bill Rush ")," - wrote the publication with reference to the "Martha".

The paper stresses that, according to the statement of the Austrian registry is available to the publication, with the July 4, 2008 by Marta Holding GmbH, two owners - Martha Unterneymensberatungs GmbH (IAG), which owns 90% of the company, and Ditenberger owning 10% of the company.

The major beneficiaries are the hysteresis Georgy Trefilov, which owns 75% of IAG, and his ex-partner Boris Vasilyev, who owns 25% of hysteresis.

"Until now, the Austrian register of sole shareholder of Marta Holding GmbH was listed Ditenberger, who claimed that Trefilov and Vasilyev sold him their shares. Trefilov and Vasilyev said that the shares are not sold but transferred to asset management" - the newspaper reminds.

Earlier it was reported that in 2004 for the development of chain stores in Russia Billa Rewe Group has established two joint ventures with holding "March": the company ReMa Immobilien, property management Billa, the Germans won 25% and operator of shopping LLC Bill Rush "- 75%. "Martha" in both companies got 75% and 25% respectively. However, in April this year, Rewe announced the termination of cooperation with "Martha", and real estate network Billa came under full control of real estate development company "RTM".

Later Rewe Group announced that it received under the control and 100% commercial operator Inc. "Bill Rush" because ownership of 25% "Bill Rush" went to Ditenbergeru.

Multi-holding "Marta" develops network Grossmart ", Billa, Pur Pur and Internet commerce through sites 003.ru, m3x.ru, byttehnika.ru, tehnopolis.ru, as well as the manufacture of polymer products and building materials. Sales of retail trends holding in 2007 reached 571.1 million dollars.

Topic: LLC "Bill Rush", "Marta", "Martha", "March", "RTM", IAG

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